Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Come & Coppafeel with me!

Having watched a documentary last night about a truly inspirational YOUNG woman who is battling cancer, I am taking this pledge to make a difference for our generation & generations to come. 

Currently, cancer strikes 1 in 3 people. That means that roughly 1 1/3 of the average school class will be effected by cancer at some point in their lives. That's 10 PEOPLE who you spent every morning registration with! Scary huh?

On that note, I urge every single person who is reading this to take 1 hour (if I can do it, you can) of your time to watch this incredibly humbling film about a woman called Kris. She's Dying to Live.


My aim is to raise £10,000 for coppafeel in the next year. Details of my first fundraising attempt will follow shortly. Until then... #Coppafeel

You can follow me on twitter to follow my fundraising journey in tweets & blog posts along the way!

You can also donate to my fundraising page here

Outfit of the week #3

Don't you think the sunshine makes everything seem & look better?

My favourite outfit by far this last week has to be this Jeans / Blouse number. 

I have had the main components to this outfit for a while but just never thought to combine them. 

This chiffon blouse was purchased about three years ago from Primark. I always wear a white vest top underneath to avoid any unnecessary bra exposure! 

I rolled up the bottoms of these wash-out light blue skinny jeans to create a more summery laid back look and paired them with my strappy tan sandals. 

A summer look is just not complete without a floral handbag! This one is a Cath Kidston bag and is one of my favourites! 

What was your favourite outfit this week?

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Going on Strike

As of last night, I am on strike.

As of last night, I have had enough of being expected to take on the responsibility of the second parent, yet be completely over ridden every time an instruction is given, or a rule made. Even if it is not me who made the rule and I am merely enforcing it.

I cannot be the shoulder to cry on, the giver of advice if my advice, though received well when given is ignored when its time to put it into practice.

I cannot be the one to keep mopping up the spilled milk everyone seems to be crying over.

Maybe I should be. Maybe, because its family I should keep on doing what no-one really realises I do.

But for now, or at least until the next drama they can't handle on their own kicks off, I am on strike.

Someone else can have a go!

This week I am seeking solace in the confines of my room, among my own things, taking myself back and remembering the lovely memories that are held within these four walls.

Tomorrow, I will empty and organise my quiet room. The adjoining box room, which before it became home to boxes upon boxes of stuff, was where I went for 'me time'.

Though I love them both, it seems I am outgrowing them. The ever growing desire to break out of them, fly the nest and set up a home of my own is becoming so intense, I find myself  frustrated.

I can't wait to build the home where one day I will raise a family.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Outfit of the week #2

I can't tell you how down in the dumps I got about the contents of my wardrobe last week!

Having gone from having a very worky wardrobe and a set outfit for each day to being able to dress to the weather & trends has been a bit of a difficult adjustment for me. Believe it or not, I am at my most comfortable in a pencil skirt & heels.

On Thursday as I searched high & low for something that made me look less frumpy dumpling & more sun kissed goddess, this scene began to develop.

My wardrobe was not my friend.

Off into Canterbury with the girls I went on a mission to find some suitable, well fitting clothes for the summer. And thanks to h&m and New Look, after three hours, I finally found some!

My favourite outfit of the week has to be this.

This stripy cotton wrap around dress was only £14.99 in h&m and for me, accentuates all the right places. I've become a lot more conscious of my 'wobbly' bits of late and so the fact that it reaches to just above the knee & pulls me in around the waist meant that I felt so much more comfortable.

I teamed this with these gorgeous shoes from New Look.

I'm quite short and  my legs are far from skinny so in order to make them appear longer & less dumpy, I wanted to find a pair of shoes which had a heel but still looked casual.

I initially thought maybe a pair of wedges, but when I saw these I knew I had to have them!

I also wore my new denim jacket also from NewLook & my Cath Kidston floral bag to top it off.

What was the favourite outfit of your week? 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Outfit of the week #1

You know those days when nothing fits or feels right?

I seem to have had a week of them!

This week I've wanted nothing but to pull on my leggings and a baggy top and comf it out!

My favourite outfit of the last week has to be this one.

I wore this long blue & white stripe top with my black h&m leggings and these cute blue stripe shoes from Primark to afternoon drinks with the girls on Friday. And for the few seconds that the sun shone my Aviators made an appearance too!

What was the favourite outfit of your week?